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Tic Tac Toss

Tic Tac Toss

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Stand and Deliver!Toss aside your other yard games and take on a new version of the classic playground game. To play giant Tic Tac Toss, simply lay out your 30 inch rope square, step back, and get tossing! Whether playing head to head or forming teams, take it to the backyard (or the living room, or the tailgate) with this versatile, easy to learn game! For cornhole conquerors, bocce beasts, and the volleyball vanguard. For summer time tailgates, yard parties, cookouts, long weekends, and busy vacation holidays.Why You'll Love ItPlaying is easy! All the simplicity of schoolyard tic tac toe, with the added skill challenge of tossing with accuracy. Wherever your piece lands, that's where it plays! Try to get three in a row before your opponent! It's fair, fast, and family friendly. Perfect to play with kids or friends. A stylish 30-inch rope square complements ten natural wooden X's and O's for aerodynamic tossing!

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