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1,000 Ct - Custom Breakout - Las Vegas 14 G - Acrylic

1,000 Ct - Custom Breakout - Las Vegas 14 G - Acrylic

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This set of 1000 Las Vegas chips is ideal from bringing the casino feel to your next home game. Each chip is made from clay composite materials and weighs 14 grams. The chips are housed in an acrylic case. Featuring sparkling laser-graphic inlays, these chips are sure to impress your poker buddies. Each chip bears an image of the iconic "Las Vegas" sign in the center of the chip. The word "Casino" is printed at the top of the chip, while the words, "Las Vegas, Nevada" are printed at the bottom.The breakout within this set can be customized as desired. Video Description:(To use this video on your website, double click the video and it will direct you to our Brybelly account. Find the line of code next to "embed:" and then copy and paste onto your website or Ebay listing)

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