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Wooden Card Holders, 4-pack

Wooden Card Holders, 4-pack

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A Show of HandsWhether it's Spades, Bridge, or Crazy Eights, some games just have too many cards to handle. These simple, elegant wooden card holders give your hands a much needed break and display your cards in style.It's never been easier to focus on your card hard, easily display up to 20 cards at a time, so you can see your full hand of cards at any time! Each premium card holder is 13" long on the front, easily holds more cards than any card holder on the market. Focus on your strategy rather than cycling through your hand or hiding your cards from unwanted eyes. Designed with adults and kids in mind, these holders are perfect for organizing your hand in trick-taking games, or dealing with a tough string of draw-four wilds! Playing a game with small children? These help little hands hold onto their cards. They're especially helpful for those with arthritis and instantly make all card games more comfortable and accessible to all.Why You'll Love ItThese card holders make family game night a breeze, in fact it boasts a four pack of holders! In a four-player or co-op game setting, this set easily gives enough card holders for everyone. Playing a classic card game? This works perfectly for poker, Texas Hold 'em, and casino-style games, as well as kid-favorites such as Go Fish!, Old Maid, and more. Playing a Trading Card game (TCG) like Magic the Gathering, focus on the strategy and let the card holder do the heavy lifting. Even adult games with zany cards and responses can use a little organization!

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