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Derby Day Horse Racing Game

Derby Day Horse Racing Game

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THE GREAT RACEBring the excitement of the track to your living room with the Derby Day Horse Racing board game from Brybelly. No longer will you have to wait for the big race on television, you and your friends can create the action on a table in your home! Play involves drawing cards Two through Queen and moving the corresponding horse forward one step, players can bet various amounts with certain cards requiring players to pony up some extra cash for the winner's pot. Like horse racing, every moment counts and the tension is palpable once more and more horses get closer to the finish line. There are even alternate rulesets that allow for more traditional freeform betting detailed in the instructions booklet included. Why You'll Love ItGame set comes with everything you need to get started hosting your own pony track! You'll get a game board, one deck of cards, pair of dice, and currency in various denominations. Board and materials feature a distinct art style recalling the sophistication of horse racing's most premier events. The paper money even has unique art featuring the most famous racehorses of history!

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