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The Two New Multiplayer Games Your Kids Want To Play This Year (so far)

At Gather 2 Game we run a lot of video game parties, and we spend a lot of time asking kids about what they like and what they want to play. Here are the two new games released in 2016 so far that your kids want to play.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battleground – $100+
game truck top video games marvel
game truck top video games marvel antman

Disney’s Infinity has been around since 2013. It followed on the success of Activision’s Skylanders. My family and I were living in Botswana during the Skylander craze so we never bought any of those little plastic figures that have become so ubiquitous over the past five years. We avoided getting into any of the many figure-based game systems for our game truck. Our game truck has seating inside for 24, and while there is a lot of room, it didn’t seem like the best place to have kids fishing around for plastic characters and trying to place them on the portals as needed.

When I found out that the new Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battleground would offer four player action, I had to at least entertain the idea. Long story short, the new system is perfect for our game truck and would work great for your home as well. If you are not familiar with how these portal systems work, in short, you take a plastic figure and place it on a portal and that character appears in the game. When you switch the plastic figure, the character in the game switches also. But here’s where the awesome comes in for Infinity 3.0 Marvel… When you add a character to the game, it remains in the game even when you remove the plastic figure from the portal.

On the game truck it’s as easy as starting the game, and adding each character to the game and placing them back in the case. The kids get to see each new character light up as they enter the world and they never have to actually handle the plastic figures. The players can now select their hero (or villain) and slug it out with their friends. Next round, they can select a new character without requiring any other help. This game, so far, has been awesome at holding our guests’ attention. They play and cheer, and play some more.

On the downside, entry cost is pretty high for this one. It’s available for all the next gen systems (PS4, XB1, Wii U), and although I didn’t look very hard I could not find the new Marvel Battleground for the Xbox 360/PS3. (Infinity 3.0 is available for these systems, but I’m not sure about the new Marvel option.) It’s going to cost you $20.00 for the Marvel Battleground. This comes with the plastic battleground figure and a plastic Captain America figure which is playable in game. ( I saw this for sale as high as $35 at a local Game Stop, but it’s only $20 on Amazon.) It’s worth noting that these figures and battlegrounds are not machine specific so you could use these on a PS4 and an XB1/Wii U.

game truck top games marvel ultron
game truck top games marvel figures

You’ll also need to pick up a portal. We bought this “Starter Pack” which came with some Star Wars figures (not playable in the Marvel Battleground), the base for the PS4, and a disc for the PS4. We also bought a base (used from Game Stop) and a disc for the XBox One. This starter kit will run you around $60, so you’re looking at $80 before you purchase any figures. Figures cost around $13 a piece so to play with just four characters you’re going to pay out about $120. (Battle Ground with Cap’n America $20, Starter Kit $60, Three more figures ($40))

For us it’s worth it. The kids love this game and it’s getting a ton of playtime. There is a story mode which I have not really played with much. You can also play in world building type modes which is a bit like Minecraft… but not really. For the versus mode alone, this is a new multiplayer game you’re kids are going to want to play.

Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – $40-55
game truck top games pvzgw2

Isn’t this that game where you plant plants in rows to guard against zombification of house and home? While that game is great, this is a whole other animal… or vegetable. PvZGW2 is a class based shooter game. By class based, I mean that each character plays differently from the others. You can control a Sunflower who maximizes the health of its fellow flowers, or a Chomper (think venus flytrap) who devastates zombies by tunneling under them before popping up to show his toothy grin. You are not limited to playing as the plants either, you can elect to play as the zombies and power robotic mech suits or the Super Brainz. With 14 classes and over 100 playable plants and zombies, this game has a lot of staying power.

game truck top video games pvz sunflower

If your kid is familiar with EA’s Star Wars Battlefront, great news! He’ll be able to pick up and play with ease as the controls are pretty much the same.Concerned about content? Once again, great news! Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is rated E for Everyone. Even popular games like Super Smash Bros and Terraria are rated T for Teen, so this is quite a feat to have a crazy fun shooter with an E rating.

There are a few downsides to PVZGW2 of course. First of all, while we love split screen, we really love four player split screen. This PvZ title only offers two players at once. You can play in huge multiplayer battles online, but if you’re planning to sit on the couch with friends you’ll need to take turns. The second glaring negative is that you must be online to play offline.  Huh? Yeah, that’s what I said. The game requires you to be connected to the internet even if you just want to play two players, split screen, on the couch. This isn’t a huge deal for most people most of the time – but just wait until you want to play and Xbox Live is down, or the PlayStation Network is offline, or someone cut your cable… well, I don’t understand the decision to require online connectivity for non-multi-player gaming.  Still, assuming you can get past those two objections, this is a super fun romp through the garden.

game truck top video games pvz impmech
game truck top video games pvz deadbeard

Disney Infinity has a pretty high entry cost but has taken strides to make a cumbersome system much easier to play. EA’s Garden Warfare 2 has taken a really fun game and unfortunately made it a bit more difficult to access. That said, it’s a steal at $40 for all the potential hours of game play. Follow us on Facebook and leave us a comment letting us know if you have tried either of these or if you think there is another we should have recommended.

-Austin is the Owner and a Game Coach at Gather 2 Game. He’s on Team Iron Man for Civil War and thinks PvZ is very much like Team Fortress 2.

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Video Game Party in Jacksonville

A video game party is a fun party. Here are some reasons you should consider a video game party in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, and northeast Florida. If you’ve had a video game party before, then you know how awesome they are. If you’ve never had a Gather 2 Game video game party, then you ought to call us for your next one.

Video Game Party with Gather 2 Game

Here are some things that let us stand head and shoulders above our competition:

  • Our spotless game truck – Our game truck is clean. Everything is constantly disinfected, wiped down, scrubbed, and polished. We own our own truck and we take care of it.
  • Our game truck is organized – Our video game party runs like a well oiled machine. Our game coaches know where the games are. Our controllers are color coded for easy identification of which controller works with which TV. ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’ means a smooth party with less scrambling around and more time for fun.
video game party
  • We have extras. Our inside-out package includes use of two outside screens. Where do the kids put their drinks? Can they sit? Can the parents come out and congregate as well? For our events using our outside screens we bring two tall pub tables and four chairs. It’s the little things like these that make a huge difference in your party.
  • We have up to eight screens and they’re each huge. They’re all at least 55″ and up to 60″.
  • Stadium Seating. Yeah, have you ever tried to play Super Smash Bros with 8 players on one screen. We do it all the time and it’s awesome. This is because we can actually fit eight players in front of a screen thanks to our stadium style bench seating.
  • We have the next gen consoles, like a bunch of them. Some claim to have PS4 and/or Xbox One, but if you only have one of each there’s not enough for all the kids to play.

Book a Video Game Party Today

I could go on and talk about our friendly game coaches (all the competitors I have met have been super friendly too), our laser tag/video game party combos, and a whole lot more but I’ll save that for another time. Give us a call. We’re “no mess – no stress,” and compare our cost to the party centers and you’ll be shocked at how much value there is in our video game truck parties. You know exactly what you’re paying as we have no hidden fees, no special socks to buy, no surprises. (Except the good kind of surprises!) Book online or call us at 904-657-4424.

Nocatee’s New 20 Mile Neighborhood – The Crossing

It’s that time again. “What are we going to do for our son or daughter’s birthday this year?” If you’re in Ponte Vedra, the answer is easy – we’re the best party when you need birthday party ideas in Ponte Vedra. (Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fruit Cove, St. Johns and surrounding as well, but today we’re talking Ponte Vedra.) We recently spent a morning in Ponte Vedra celebrating another great neighborhood opening in the 3rd fastest growing community in the U.S., Nocatee.

Birthday Party Ideas in Ponte Vedra, FL

We setup our game theater (game truck) and guests got to play sports games, action games, adventure games, fighting games, racing games, and more. They got to play as a team and versus their friends. We also had corn hole and our giant tumbling towers game set up (tumbling towers set up over and over).

When you’re looking for the best birthday party ideas in Ponte Vedra, be sure to contact Gather 2 Game for our game truck and our now our tactical laser tag. Head over to Laser Tag Jax to find out more about our laser tag events. Our combo parties are a great idea when looking for awesome birthday party ideas in Ponte Vedra. We do a ton of parties in Nocatee, and all over 32081 and 32082. There is just a really nice relaxed and fun vibe with the people down here in Ponte Vedra.

If you’d like more info about our parties, game truck, and laser tag, peruse our site or click the “Contact Us” link. If you’d like to learn more about Nocatee and the 20 Mile neighborhood, click here. Here’s a snippet:

Located in St. Johns County just west of the Intracoastal Waterway, Twenty Mile will be one of Nocatee’s most distinctive collection of neighborhoods, with large oak trees, split-rail fencing and a rustic, old-Florida style.

In Nocatee, all village-like neighborhoods with their own gathering places and amenities are connected via bike paths, trails and roadways to a vibrant Town Center offering all you need to relax and enjoy life close to home. Residents enjoy amenities like the Splash Water Park, Nocatee Fitness Club, the Trails for Tails Dog Park, and the Nocatee Preserve.

Gather  2 Game is the best birthday party idea in Ponte Vedra, and Nocatee is a great place to live in Ponte Vedra – check us both out today!

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Nocatee Events – Laser Tag and Game Truck

Nocatee is the third fastest growing master planned development in the United States. Anchored by a huge splash water park with two water slides, a lazy river, great pizza restaurant, kids splash pads and two large pools, Nocatee is popular with families with young kids, teens, and even grandchildren. Crosswater Hall is beautiful and stays pretty much booked for weddings and other Nocatee events. Besides the amenities, there is a monthly farmers market, kids craft activities, teen nights, and a whole bunch of other Nocatee events.

Gather 2 Game has partnered with Nocatee to provide entertainment at events and we always love entertaining at birthday parties for kids, tweens, teens, and even adults. This coming weekend on February 6, we will be helping to entertain the families who attend the opening of a new neighborhood in Nocatee: The Crossing at 20 mile. From their website

The Crossing at Twenty Mile is the newest addition to Nocatee’s historic Twenty Mile community of homes.   Located in St. Johns County just west of the Intracoastal Waterway, Twenty Mile is one of Nocatee’s most distinctive communities, with large oak trees, split-rail fencing and a rustic, old-Florida style.  All builders are currently taking VIP Interest Requests.

Nocatee Events

It looks like it’ll be a perfect 60F but hot or cold, we have you covered – literally. Our huge awning covers you when you need a bit of shade or shelter from light rain. It’s perfect for our two outside screens. Inside we have stadium style seating for up to 24 and it’s fully climate controlled with heat or AC while you play on 5 huge HDTVs. Rain or shine the party is on. See how you fair at tumbling towers or show off your skills at cornhole and Just Dance 2016. Hungry? There will be three food trucks serving up the best grub on the go. You won’t want to miss the seven model homes going on display at this family friendly Nocatee event that is open to the public.

Nocatee Teen Night full

Do you live in Nocatee and are planning a block party or birthday party? Gather 2 Game is your no mess – no stress party for Nocatee events. It’s easy to check dates and book online, or call us at 904-657-4424. Call today because we book up quickly!

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Game Time with Carson on his Birthday

When it’s game time Jacksonville, it’s Gather 2 Game time. Game truck, music, laser lights, karaoke, yard games, laser tag,  friendly game coaches, and so much more; Gather 2 Game is who you call when it’s game time in Jacksonville. (Click here to see some G2G video)

It was game time for Carson and we had a blast with him and his family and guests. It was a bit cold but that did not stop these kids from playing some knock-down drag-out games of tumbling towers. Think Jenga, but huge – our tumbling towers can reach over 5 feet high before they tumble.

We also pulled our kid-karaoke kit out of the truck and it was immediately commandeered by two little superstars who sung their hearts out. This party was surrounded by beautiful old oaks, and the laser lights from the karaoke lit up the canopy. It was very cool looking.

Carson was the first to board the game theater. We like to let the birthday guest of honor enter first, take it all in, get some pictures with mom and dad, and figure out where he wants to start playing when it’s game time. Jacksonville was rocking that night with all our PS4s, Xbox Ones, and Wii U’s cranking out the games. NBA 2k16 on the XB1 was the favorite in our action station on the 60″ screen. Our other 55″ screens were action packed as well with sports, adventure, and some battles. Our Bluetooth was filling our game truck with catchy tunes and the laser light show was set to flash on the beat.

game time jacksonville truck 2

It’s Game Time Jacksonville

Our parties are not just game time Jacksonville, they’re full on party time Jax. Carson enjoyed a party on our game truck and he celebrated well with his guests.

If it’s game time Jacksonville, you owe it to yourself to choose Gather 2 Game. We work hard to assure you and your guests and of course your guest of honor have the best birthday party ever.

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Brady’s Game Truck Birthday Party

We had a great time partying with Brady and his flag football friends and his family. It was cold – maybe not northerner cold, but it was definitely Florida cold. Brady’s mom decided to call an audible on a football party and added a game truck rental. The good thing is she didn’t add just any game truck rental, she added a Gather 2 Game truck. After a little flag football the kids piled on board where we had our heaters going, and our five inside HDTVs were displaying the best new multi-player games.

Brady and his friends loved playing FIFA 2016 on the PS4, Madden 16 on the Xbox One, and Minecraft was also popular on the XB1. For the first time Smash Bros was not a big interest grabber so coach Kevin switched it up and loaded up some racing and other battle games. These guests were the perfect balance of excited fun and respect – they treated our gear well and were amazing all around.

Indoors or outdoors, Gather 2 Game has a party for you. Our game truck rental boasts 5 huge TVs inside and 3 outside screens. If running around is your thing, check out Laser Tag Jax, our new Laser Tag offering. We’re still working on that website (as of Jan ’16) and getting all our ducks in a row, but we’ll be entertaining awesome laser tag events in Feb 2016. If you can’t decide, just book a combo party and enjoy 90 minutes of game truck rental and 90 minutes of a Laser Tag Jax event.

Game Truck Rental in Jacksonville

We know you have options in Jacksonville and that’s why we’re the hardest working game truck rental in town. We know we have the most and largest screens. We know we have the best game coaches and most recent consoles. But we also have a lot of little touches that set us apart. We include two pub tables and chairs with all our outdoor events. We setup before your start time so you get all the time you’re paying for. We offer invitations that build excitement and let’s face it, kids flock to game truck rental parties. Call us today at 904-657-4424 or book here on our website and see why we’re the sweetest game truck in Jacksonville.

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Fun Party Idea – Vince’s 9th Birthday

Vince was turning nine and it was our duty to deliver, literally, a fun party idea. We brought our mobile game truck to his house, cranked up our lights, huge HDTVs and game consoles and it was fun for the next two hours. Wait, we had a time slot available after his party and they were having so much fun they requested an extra hour. Three hours of straight up fun. We are the fun party idea in Jacksonville after all.

We had a lot of requests for FIFA 2016, and Battlefront was a favorite as well – I mean, who doesn’t want to pilot an X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon? We also played Madden 2016, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Bros U, and Trials Fusion. One of the things that makes us a fun birthday idea is our extensive library. We have games for all ages and abilities. (Ages 5 and under must have an adult with them but still can enjoy the games and exciting atmosphere.) Trials Fusion is a super simple motorcycle game which can be controlled with a button and one control stick to balance back and forward. It’s hit with the younger gamers who are just learning how to control games.

Fun Party Idea for Birthdays in Jacksonville

We had a great time with Vince and his friends and family. There was definitely a great party atmosphere and two of their guests pulled off and amazing Tumbling Towers trick shot. Check it out.
fun party idea 2

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, bar or bat mizvah, church event, or any other celebration where you want a fun party idea – Gather 2 Game has a party for you. You can book our game theater events, laser tag events (coming Feb 2016), and we’re working on a cake decorating event with Gladdened Heart Bites and Bakerie, and a glow in the dark face painting add-on. We are working hard to be sure that we’re your first choice in mobile game trucks and mobile party entertainment. Book online or call us today. 904-657-4424

G2G Game Truck – Top 5 Games of 2015

game truck inside

Top 5 Games Played in Our Game Truck in 2015

At Gather 2 Game we play a lot of games in our game truck.  Part of what makes us unique is that we focus on the multi-player experience. Inside our mobile game theater we boast seating for 24+ and five huge 55-60″ HDTV’s. Outside we have two more 55″ HDTVs, and we can fold out our drop-down stage and add another huge HDTV. In this list we’ll focus on the most played games inside our climate controlled game truck.

Number 5: Mario Kart 8

We love Mario Kart 8 for its blend of simplicity and fun. Sometimes we get younger kids on the game truck who are not experienced gamers. That’s fine, our friendly and patient game coaches are here to help. Mario Kart 8 is a great starter for younger gamers. With a few minutes of explanation and demonstration on the controls they can at least participate in the race and see how their movements affect their character on the screen. The more experienced racers can wrap up their race and as the races progress the younger kids seem to get the hang of it and even move up in the rankings.

game truck mario kart

We like the variety in MK8 as well. Your car transforms into a hover car, a glider, and drives under water. There are a host of fun weapons that can give you the edge including the classic turtle shells and invincibility stars. It’s just a fun game and that’s why it gets played at well over 60% of our parties.

game truck halo 4

Number 4: Halo 4

Halo 4 actually did not get as much play as Mario Kart 8, but we’ve weighed its play a bit heavier due to its Mature rating. We noted that Halo 5 actually has a Teen rating and really Halo 4 multi-player should be rated T for Teen as well. We always give the parents the options of what games we allow and a very popular request is that we allow Everyone and Teen games plus Halo 4. That said Halo 4 does not get much play at our 6-8 year old parties but it’s a fan favorite with the older kids.

Because we system link our consoles our guests can play 16 player Halo 4 together on four screens. We can arrange teams to sit together and strategize and even make it so one team cannot peak at the other team’s screens. We’ll normally start playing a mode called “Flood” where one person starts out as an infected alien. That player infects the other players so they too become infectious aliens, until time runs out or there is only one human remaining. Capture the Flag is a great team-building game mode and there are many, many more to choose from. With Halo 5 releasing as a single player only game, we see Halo 4 remaining a fan favorite for 2016 as well.

Number 3: Minecraft

Minecraft was pretty much a given on this list. We have had parties where we had 4 copies of Minecraft playing at once. No wonder; it’s creative and it can be action packed in survival mode or easy-going building in peaceful mode. The kids enjoy experimenting with different world-building theme packs on the Xbox One and most get a thrill over setting up survival games with different rule sets. We did note a bit of a decline in November and December, perhaps in part to all the new games releasing, and perhaps just due to burnout. That said, we still expect to see lots of Steve, Alex, and the creepers in 2016. Who knows what Microsoft has up their sleeve for their new property?

game truck minecraft
game truck madden

Number 2: Madden 2016

For sports games Madden 2016 is the all around winner. FIFA 2016 had strong play time at a lot of parties, and NBA 2K16 is extremely popular. However, it seems nothing can dethrone Madden for popularity. I’m not sure if it’s the popularity of football in general or the fact the game blends action with time to think and strategy… or maybe both. I do know that NHL has only been played once down here in Florida and WWE has never been requested. I know some mobile game theater owners who get a good bit of play on each of those but I assume that Madden would still be their top sports game. On G2G’s game truck Madden is legitimately in the number two spot and is played at close to 90% of our parties.

game truck smash bros

Number 1: Super Smash Bros

I always put Super Smash Bros down at the far end of the trailer away from the entrance. For one thing it’s got great atmosphere where the kids can all gather up on the stadium style seating, and for another it’s our most popular game that allows eight players to play on one screen. (I’m not sure how a game truck without stadium seating could fit eight kids in front of one screen.) When I’m outside and see the trailer is rocking and rolling it’s a fairly safe bet that Super Smash is going full-on with eight players.

There are so many options that many kids will play Super Smash Bros for the entire party with their friends. Tired of a character? There are 57 more. Tired of a game mode? There are tons of possibilities. If you want to battle on different stages, check out how many there are – each with their own perks, dangers, and interesting details. There are plenty of items with which to battle, options to include computer controlled characters in your battles… there is a lot of smashing to be done. Were I not in this business I would not have expected a Teen rated title to take the top spot but Super Smash Bros gets played at 95% of our parties.

G2G Game Truck Looking Ahead

This post isn’t meant to be a super scientific study. We start our parties with many of these games already going when the guests step onto our game truck. Just Dance didn’t place despite being played at 85% of our parties because it almost always gets played outside. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and 3 both saw a lot of play with the older kids and adults, but being a Mature game it has a much smaller player base. Some honorable mentions would include Blur which is a fun 4 player racer, FIFA 2016 and NBA 2K16 who couldn’t beat out Madden but got lots of play. Looking forward I think our younger players will really enjoy the new Kungfu Panda game which plays a lot like Super Smash Bros (4 players).

By far our biggest 2015 disappointment was Halo 5. It’s really hard to think of a Halo game without local multiplayer.  Looking ahead at 2016 I have high hopes for Plants V. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, especially if they release 4 player split screen and/or system linking. That game begs to be played together with local friends. The new Lego Avengers is releasing soon and I am betting it will be popular as well. If you can think of any games we should be watching for in 2016, let us know on our Facebook page. Happy gaming in 2016 and we hope you’ll check out our game truck and laser tag options soon.

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New Birthday Party Idea in Jacksonville – Chadrick’s Birthday

Gather 2 Game got to spend a couple hours celebrating with Chadrick, aka Macho, and his friends and family. Our Game theater events are a great new birthday party idea. We arrived and it wasn’t long before the bounce house cleared out and our mobile game theater was filled with happy kids playing their favorite games. Macho is a huge fan of Sonic so we played lots of old school Sonic the Hedgehog. Madden is always a favorite, smash brothers is played at 95% of our parties too. We introduced a new game for this new birthday party idea. Kung-fu panda on the Xbox 360 is a decent fun game for the younger kids. A new game came out on the Xbox One and it’s been very popular since we picked it up. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends plays a lot like Super Smash Bros but a bit simpler. There is no 8-player local mode but for four players it was a hit at Chadrick’s party and the other parties at which we introduced it.

Fun New Birthday Party Idea in Jacksonville

If you’re tired of the same old birthday party: the bounce house, the trampoline park, the arcade restaurant, etc…, consider a Gather 2 Game party. We’ll come straight to you with our new birthday party idea in a box – our mobile game theater, or “game truck.” Coming this February 2016 we are adding our laser tag events as well. We’ll come and set up a full laser tag course in your yard. (If your yard will not accommodate we can setup anywhere you choose: parks, churches, etc….) Our high tech laser taggers are the most innovative in the industry. We have many, many game modes, tagger setups (sniper with range and power but slow reload, shotgun with power, wide range but short distance…), and can all happen at your house.

We strive to bring a new birthday party idea experience, and so watch for new ideas from Gather 2 Game in the spring.

Latitude 360 Jacksonville Closed

The Florida Times Union reports that on January 7, 2016 ‘Latitude 360 Jacksonville’ has signs posted in their windows telling customers that they’re closed. According to the article, “The sign says the closing is effective January 7.” Latitude 360, between their Jacksonville and Indy locations did over 900 corporate events in November and December. This is a pretty big loss for entertainment options in the Jacksonville area. Latitude 360 Jacksonville closing is also a big loss for parents trying to find great birthday party ideas in Jacksonville. Besides bowling, they had a video game arcade, a movie theater, and other fun birthday party ideas.

Latitude 360 Jacksonville Closed

Latitude 360 Jacksonville Closing Affect Your Plans?

We don’t like to see businesses go under. We do recognize however that many people might be looking for alternatives to their plans. Consider calling Gather 2 Game and booking our mobile game theater event, or laser tag event (coming February 2016). We’re the mobile “no mess – no stress” party option that comes straight to your location. We arrive with our eight screen mobile game theater. (We boast 55+ inch screens) We have the latest games and systems and you get to pick what you and your kids play. Dance fans can play Just Dance 2016 outside, while your adult football fans watch a live game on another outdoor TV. Inside we can system link screens to play Halo 4 with 16 players in the same game on 4 screens.

Have younger children? Latitude 360 Jacksonville had some decent options for younger kids but we can tailor our whole experience to make it all age-appropriate. No smokey bars or strange places, the party is at your house on your turf. We have great fun games like Angry Birds, Mario Kart, Kungfu Panda, and so much more on our XBox Ones, PS4s, and WiiUs. It’s super easy to book online or by phone. 904-657-4424.

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