ANSWER: Our drivers are excellent and can go nearly anywhere. As long as your driveway or street isn’t a very sharp hill, we can come. Otherwise, you can divert us to a nearby park, church or parking lot! We need up to 50 feet of cleared space (fairly flat).
ANSWER: That’s why we bring our Game Coach! He helps the kids along, inspires and instructs. We make sure it’s the party of the year!
ANSWER: Upon booking your party, please let us know if you have any preferred games or ratings. We will be sure to display only games that will make you and the kids happy.
ANSWER: We come rain, shine, temps below freezing or over 100 degrees — we are climate controlled! (As long as it is safe for us to drive.)
ANSWER: We suggest that you tell your guests that the party is one hour or half-hour before our arrival time — that way they eat first and they all see the grand arrival of our mobile video game theater!
ANSWER: We will arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your party in order to set-up. Our door will be open for your guests by the start of your party time.
ANSWER: There will be no extra charge but be aware that ~20 guests can play inside at one time; however with our stadium seating and outside TV’s there’s room for everybody! For the large crowds we recommend our 2 Hour Game Theater Event with Rock Stage. (32 total can play at once!)
ANSWER: Please do! You can make requests at booking. We always bring the full game library to every event and your Game Coach will listen to, make suggestions and evaluate your needs to make your event successful. (Note* We will only display games rated appropriate by you, the party host.)
ANSWER: Our reservations go quickly and so we do require 50% payment in order to hold your party date. Your remaining balance is due 14 days prior to your party. For non-profit/civic entities who must pay in a different manner (purchase order, etc.) please contact us by phone at 904-657-4424 or via our Contact Us page.
ANSWER: We enjoy helping you raise funds. We have lots of tested and proven ideas, and we would enjoy discussing any ideas you have for using our gear in your fund-raising efforts. Contact us to discuss tournaments, ticket sales, cost-free flyer fundraisers, and any other ideas we can think of.
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